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Place of Origin: Shanghai, China

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Online Auction Sale of Confectionery & Chocolate Making Plant Including 5 Production Lines in Shanghai, China
Sale Closing: July 19, 2017
Location: Shanghai, China

Xylitol Production Line
-Sugar cooker
-Pouring machine
-Xylitol crystallizer and etc.

Chocolate Production Line
-Chocolate pouring machine, Swiss 'KNOBEL', qty: 1
-Sending machine, qty: 1
-Chocolate crystallization system, qty: 1
-Automatic control system for chocolate crystal line, qty: 1

Milk Candy Production Line
-Milk candy production line, Maker: Bosch, qty: 1
-Packaging machine, Bosch 'BVK2000A', qty: 2
-Automatic sugar batching system, qty: 1
-Stainless steel cooling drum, qty: 1
-Screw kneader, qty: 1
-Water-cooled screw cryogenic unit, qty: 1
-Cooling tunnel; Packaging machine, qty: 2
and more...

Fudge Production Line
-Pouring machine, qty: 1
-Mogul starch process system, qty: 1
and more...

-Package Machine
-Measurement & Inspection Machine
-Truck, Forklift
-Shelves, Air-condition, Tank, Pure water treatment equipment and more...

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