F2020 Fuel Savers

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Brand Name: F2020 Fuel Saver
Place of Origin: Philippines
Type: Fuel Additive
Material: F2020 Technology is a palm oil - based fuel enhancer which is for
Certificate: PMPIN Certificate: PMPIN-2006-116, Duns Number: 71-998-5863

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This product was proudly made with extensive research by F2020 International Corporation, the premiere fuel enhancer manufacturer in the world. With its vision of facilitating a healthier and pollution free lifestyle as well as big gas savings, F2020 constantly guarantee its product users with highest standards in quality production and performance. Seamlessly supporting individuals, corporations and energy-consuming industries on fuel savings and efficiency, F2020 Fuel Saver is applicable to an extensive range of fuel engines. For Land Transportations F2020 Fuel Saver is very effective to gasoline and diesel powered engines of all sizes. F2020 Fuel Saver is also proven safe to use with catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, oxygenated gas and ethanol blended gasoline. When mixed with gasoline, F2020 reduces the variation in atomized particles of fuel, facilitating uniformity of air/fuel mixtures. F2020 improves fuel chemistry, resulting to reduction in high engine operating temperature and reduction in emissions. Thus, F2020 improves engine power and improves fuel efficiency, translating to fuel maximization and savings. F2020 Fuel Saver has been formulated with additional lubricity properties. It compensates for the quality variance of different fuels including bio-diesel and the deficiencies of today

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