HIGH C Sodium Ascorbate (vit C) 100caps X 500mg

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Brand Name: high c vit c
Model Number: 1
Place of Origin: philippines
MOQ: 1
Type: food supplement
Color: yellow
Material: ascorbic acid
Certificate: bfad lto regs

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HIGH C - SODIUM ASCORBATE HIGH C ascorbate aid as sodium ascorbate isa non acidic making gentle on the digestive system. it provide the sodium necessary to carry out the active absorption ascorbic acid. vitamin c plays a vital role in the formulation of collagen,amino acid metabolism and hormone synthesis and the utilization of many nutrients such a folic acid and iron: it is also a key factor in the bodies immune system. HIGH C is recommended for the prevention of vitamin c deficiency. SUGGESTED USE: 2-3 capsules daily as needed or as recommended health care professionals. TOXICITY: there is no known toxicity to ascorbic acid. AVAILABILITY: HIGH C 500 mg capsules is available in boxes of 100\'s BENEFICIAL RESULT OF HIGH *helps strengthens the immune system *helps safeguard the heart and antire cardiovascular system *help to ease mental stress and protet stress related disorder *greatly helps in constipation problems *en-chances increasing energy level *mostly because of its direct effect of collagen.HIGH had shown remarkable capacity to help knit bone and wage battle against such supposedly hopeless bone disorder such ankylosis,spondylitis and osteogenesisunperfecta. HIGH C sodium ascorbate can be added to many foods such as milk and soup without affecting its taste. we offer bulk order... for more info please ontact us at +639436348585

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