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COMPANY * Health 1st lab inc. BUSSINESS TYPE * Toll manufaturing COMPANY FACILITY LOCATTION * Marikina city OFFERS * Product development RANGE OF SERVICES * Provideng raw materials,Blistering,tea baggimh Hard shell enapsulation and Soft gel encapsulation,repacking and pulverizing, Tea bagging, Custom design labeling, Polishing and Bottling, Bottle filling, Total packaging including Bottle sealing/Tamper sealing to Custom corrugated boxes/mother boxes, Product supplies, Documentatione, Ect. OUR MISSION our mission is to provide safe, affordable access to high quality products and services. As we do so, Health First Wellness Laboratories Inc., endeavors to deliver exceptional customer service. We aim to form long term relationships with our customers and desire to do healthy business. We aspire to employ to help our economy, and hire dedicate workers to help and be helped. Health First WellLaboratories Inc-about us... The company is licensed and built in accordance to requirements of FDA as Toll Manufacturer with Licensed LTO NO RDII-MM-DT 4246. Health First Wellness Laboratories Inc., is highly competent Philippines-based manufacturer of private labeled products that comes from large or even small scale of business sector. Health First Wellness Laboratories Inc., is very flexible in treating any particular product that can cater innovation of product trends for consumer nowadays. We commit amendable and reasonable significantly low prices yet quality guaranteed, because we believe that food supplements should be served and made available to everyone with equity. We don\'t demand pressure to close high quantity of orders nevertheless piratically accept minimal volume to also help every industry to grow and start potential business. OUR SERVICE With our quality assurance system, all Health First Wellness Laboratories Inc., products meet rigorous assessment to provide top of the line product. We offer a complete line of manufacturing procedures that fulfill the requirement to guarantee customer satisfaction through analysis and testing to ensure that the most beneficial ingredients for effective formulation by the latest global trend with age-old remedies that undergo state of the art facility and high competent technical staff, strictly adhere Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP),..

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