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BoxenWare is the inventory management solution that gives you leverage and control of your business.

Product and Inventory
- Products, Variants, Sets, and Categories
All your product information in one place including pictures, prices and categories.

- Multiple Warehouses
Organize your items by locations and even sub-locations to track aisle and bin numbers.

- Inventory Movement and History
Never lose track of any item ever again. Know where everything was and where it will be.

Purchase to Sale Workflow
- Supplier and Customer Management
Keep track of your vendors and customers. Minimize cost and increase sales.

- Print, Export, and Email Documents
Instantly generate invoices, purchase orders, shipping docs and more with a few clicks.

- Report And Analytics
Reports for sales, profit, costs, top products, backorders, how long your inventory will last and more.

Security and Administration
- Upload Attachments
Store and upload digital copies of your documents, receipts and invoices.

- Multiple Companies
Set-up and manage multiple businesses in one system. Reduce complexity in maintaining multiple software.

- Multiple Users, Roles and Permissions
Have everyone working in real-time with the same data and restrict access rights if needed.

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Call us: (632) 267-7000


- Accurate landed cost.
Boxenware Purchasing and Inventory software makes it really easy to create Purchase Orders, consolidate them and add shared expenses to be able to compute accurate landed cost per unit product.

- Lower total logistics cost.
Consolidate multiple purchase orders into a single shipment. Maximize container space by getting a good volume estimate of packaged products.

- Increased profitability.
Increase volume sales due through more competitive product pricing. Higher margins by using knowing exact landed cost of each product.

- Improved inventory visibility.
Avoid loss of opportunities and minimize overselling due to lack of visibility on inventory.

- Improved customer service.
Project customer’s needs, notifying representatives to contact customers with suggested orders and recommending related goods.

- Improved supplier relations.
Better orders, improved receiving processes, and integration with supplier systems all work to make supplier transaction run smoother.

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