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Usage: Mix with any type of paint
Weight: 100 grams
Material: Alkaline Rare Earth Metal Silicate-Aluminate Oxide Europium Dope
Color: Yellow Green, Sky Blue, or 16 type color
Type: Powder
MOQ: 1
Place of Origin: Malaysia
Model Number: GID01
Brand Name: Candy Paint Asia
Product Form: Powder
Condition: Brand New
FREE SHIPPING Nationwide: Philippines
Can to any type of paint: 1 Year warranty
Open for Distributor: 9151942053

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The Glow-in-the-Dark Powder is applicable to fabric, metal, glass, tiles, and plastic. Currently only yellow green is the longest glow time – around 8 hours after absorbing 1 hour light. It is proven that the Candy Glow in the Dark Paint can be even brighter when it is under spot light. Candy Glow in the dark paint are using Alkaline Rare Earth Metal Silicate-Aluminate Oxide Europium Doped. It is NEXT GENERATION long persistence phosphorescent pigment ( alkaline earth aluminate activated by rare earth ions). They can be recharged over and over indefinitely. The brightness and length of persistence time is ten times than those of conventional phosphor zinc sulfide found in your local stores. It is ten times brighter and glows ten times longer than the sulfide type Photoluminescence Materials.

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