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Look for: Rica Encinarial Tel No: 423 8315 Cell No: 0923 477 3271 E-mail: Form Oil Form Oil is concentrated mould oil suitable for use with wooden as well as steel moulds as release agent for concrete and brick. The basic function of Form Oil is to prevent the adhesion of wet brick or concrete to the mould and thus facilitate the removal of the brick or concrete from its mould. As the brick or the concrete is easily removed, thus its surface will be maintained. Form Oil will not affect the curing of the brick or concrete and thus will not affect its strength. Form Oil is concentrated mould oil, it can be diluted with 10 parts up to 20 parts maximum of water during use. The method of preparing the emulsion of Form Oil in site is as follow: 1.) Weigh the required amount of Form Oil into the blending tank. 2.) While agitating, add in the water slowly. 3.) Normally 1 parts of Form Oil can be diluted with 10 parts of water. 4.) If proper prepared, the emulsion should be stable for at least 3 - 5 days. But if any separation occurred, it can be easily re-mixed by agitation. The advantages of Form Oil over the traditional oil based mould release agents are: • It is more economical. • It can be easily cleaned. • The working place will be mire tidy and clean. Content: 20 liters Industrial Cleaning Agents: 1) Aircon Coil Cleaner, and Condenser cleaner 2) Descaler 3) Cement Remover 4) Bio Enzyme Powder 5) Water Soluble Degreaser 6) Aluminum Cleaner and Brightener , Stainless Cleaner 7) Oil Spill Dispersant 8) Rust Remover, and Rust Converter 9) Carbon Remover 10) Electric Motor Cleaner, Safety Solvent Degreaser Aeorosol Products: 1) Penetrating Oil 2)Contact Cleaners 3)Metal Crack Detector - Dye Penetrant 4) belt Dressing 5) Cold Zinc Galvanizing Spray 6) Polyurethane Foam Spray 7) Silicone Spray, 8) Insulating Varnish Specialty Coatings: 1) Cold Zinc Galvanizing Compound/Paint 2) High Temperature Paint 3) Fire Retardant Paint 4) Paint & Varnish remover Industrial oils 1) Hydraulic Oils 2) Anti Rust oil 3)Silicone Oil 4) Form Oil 5) Compressor oil 6) Industrail Gear Oil 7) Heat Transfer OIl 8) Vacuum Pump Oil 9) Food Grade Gaer OIl 10) Water Soluble Cutting OIl & Synthetic Grinding Coolant 11) Pneumatic Oil Specialty Grease 1) Wheel Bearing Grease 2) Multi-Purpose Litium Grease / High Temp Grease/ Non melt Grease 3) Dielectric Silicone Grease 4) Dielectric Contact Grease 5) Electrical Conductive Grease 6) Moly Grease 7) Food Grade Grease / Hi- temp Food Grade Grease 8) Anti Seize Nickel Compound/ Anti Seize Copper Cmpd. 9) Graphite Grease 10) Polyurea Grease

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