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Brand Name: Hadariki
Place of Origin: Japan
MOQ: 1 box / 48packs
Weight: 386mg / 1capsule

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Whitening Outdoor Home Care UV Drinking Sunscreen CUT UV available with 10 or 30 Capsules UV Supplement, Your skin is protected from uv damage of ultraviolet rays for at most 4 hours by taking 30 minutes before exposure to ultraviolet rays and which is commonly use as uv care treatment among international celebrities.

*Skin and eyes protection against sun-induced skin damage

*Antioxidant effect (prevention of UV aging by ultraviolet rays)

*Whitening effect (normalize ultraviolet damage received in the past)

*Moisturizing effects (prevention of wrinkles, slack and improvement in skin health and quality)

Component Indication:

Fern extract (PL extract), fish collagen peptide (molecules 2200), Marigold extract (lutein), crystal cellulose, gardenia (crocetin), vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, melon placenta, vitamin D, sucrose fatty acid ester,N-acetylglucosamine, calcium carbonate, milk ceramide, lycopene, HPMC brightening bin, L-cystine, titanium dioxide.

Usage regimen:

1 capsule (1 tablet) 30 minutes before exposure to ultraviolet rays Can be taken up to 3 times a day.

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*Cut uv protects eye sunburn without sun glasses
*No need to remakeup causing by sweating
*No need to wash it away and cleansing sunscreen product off after use
Ms. Lendy Lanyog

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